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Colbert Elementary


K-6 School with 600 students
25 classroom teachers
11 specialists - Full-time staff includes two resource room teachers, P.E. teacher, library teacher and music teacher. Part-time staff include a Speech and Language Pathologist, social worker, reading and education specialists, physical therapy specialist, school psychologist, school nurse and administrative support
26 support staff (cooks, custodians, para-educators, secretary, principal)
Over 410 parent/community volunteers


Student: Cross grade tutors, Learning Assistance Program, Mead Authors' Celebration, Challenge Program, D.A.R.E., Wax Museum, Science Fairs, Personal Safety, Science Fair, Rockets, Kids for Character, Bus Safety, Fire Safety, Volunteer Reading Tutors, Grandparent's Day, Volunteer dessert

Staff Planning
CARE team, Technology Training, Six Trait Writing, First Step Training, QRI, Running Record, Assessment Training, Student Teachers, "BE COOL" training, professional development workshops, grade level planning, evaluating test results, safety emergency procedures.

Extracurricular: Music (Band, Orchestra and Choir); Sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and track)

Testing: QRI, Running Record, WASL testing third through sixth, WASL second reading test. Grade level writing assessments, end of-year math tests.

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