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Spokane Soccer Club

While winning is a major objective in all competitive sports, including soccer at the youth level, victory must be gained through fair play and good sportsmanship.  Spokane Soccer Club is very proud to adhere to a philosophy that promotes the development o f each player to his/her maximum potential through skill development, physical fitness, tactical awareness, mental toughness, and love of the game.  It also encourages competitiveness while maintaining high standards of sportsmanship.  Additionally, SSC recognizes that to be a effective player, the athlete must have a thorough understanding of the Laws and the appreciation of the spirit of the game.

Since our inception, SSC has provided through its staff program a level of unique training that is consistent with the Olympic Development Program, national, and collegiate level.  Our program is designed and provides a great balance for all levels of soccer players.  Not only do we train top-level soccer players but also our mission is to develop and improve players who are interested in improving their soccer skills and techniques.

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